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When selecting a cardiologist, we realize that you have a choice and a very important decision to make. When considering the best provider for your needs, we encourage you to read the reviews and feedback of other patients.

We are very pleased and grateful for the kindness of numerous patients who have so graciously shared their experience with our practice. We invite you to read their words...

Angela R.

We have seen 6 different doctors in 3 different cities for my 21 one year old's unique symptons. Dr. Bellur was the first doctor that we have seen who immediately took proactive action to help us. While we were in the room, Dr Bellur took the time to personally call one of the other treating physicians so that they could work together to come up with an immediate treatment plan. No other doctor that we have seen has done this! We so appreciate Dr. Bellur's compassionate care and extensive knowledge. Dr. Bellur is a 5 STAR physician!

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John F.

Dr Bellur, Mrs B, and staff THANK YOU ALL. I've been with Dr Bellur since 2000 - A great DOCTOR a great friend! But im still waiting for my dinner invite ! Dr Bellur --Simply THE BEST!!!

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E. Norris

Dr. Bellur is an excellent doctor with an awesome staff… great atmosphere and very prompt. He is knowledgeable, patient, and a good listener who listens to my concerns and explains things in a way that I understand. Dr. Bellur is a doctor that makes you feel comfortable… he shows that he really cares about you and your overall health. I drive a long distance to see Dr. Bellur… my health is worth the drive.

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Dear Dr. Bellur,
I just wanted to write to say thank you so much – for all of your care, compassion, and kindness during our last few appointments. Having already said it, I felt compelled to reiterate how grateful I am for the time you’ve taken to help me understand the complexities & nuances involved with the electric impulses of our hearts. I’ve left so many doctors’ offices feeling like I must be a crazy person or doing something wrong, which is causing all my symptoms. I’ve felt helpless – until you took the time.
Thank you for seeing me, hearing me, and genuinely caring for my well-being. It’s the kind of care & humanity we should all be trying to show each other.
Happy Holidays to you & yours.
Thanks again

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Peggy B.

Thank you so much for your help. So glad I got a good report. I know you will help a lot of people...

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Karlene C.

Dr Bellur was recommended to me by a friend and am very thankful! Dr Bellur is very caring and thorough, after 3 years of suffering with A-fib and being told there was nothing more to do for me am now A-fib free and have my life back! Thank you Dr Bellur!!

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Barbara O.

Dear Doctor Bellur,
Thanks so much for taking good care of Don and me. You are a very special...

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Charlie G.

To Dr. Bellur and the Office Staff,
As you know, I have finished my series of 35 circulation treatments and am moving on to the Echo evaluation today. I brought some cookies as a Thank You to all of you for taking good care of me...

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Jill C.

I love love love EVERYONE at this practice! Found 'em online and chic chac boom my daddy has a great new heart doc to keep him healthy. I'd give 10 stars if I could.

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