In office procedures

We are pleased to offer the following in-office procedures in a warm, welcoming environment. We are currently accepting new patients, and a referral to our practice is often times not necessary.

EKGs (Electrocardiograms)
Echo* (Ultrasound of Heart)
Carotid Doppler
Nuclear Stress Tests*
Exercise Stress Tests
Event Monitors
Pacemaker Checks
Venous Ablation
Watchman and Valvuloplasty

*Accredited by ICAEL

Symptons & conditions treated

Suffering from the following symptoms or conditions? It is important to seek medical treatment before the problem worsens or leads to further complications. We treat all of the following and will do our very best to get you a quick appointment. After all, we understand the importance of peace of mind.

Chest Pain
Shortness of Breath
Irregular Heart Beats
Blackout Spells
Leg Pain
Swelling in Legs
Varicose Veins
Peripheral Vascular Disease
General Circulatory Problems

Procedures performed in-hospital

Whether in need of a complex in-hospital procedure or simple guidance through an in-office consultation, my focus continually revolves around helping the patient to get healthy, stay healthy, and lead a better life.
Shashi S Bellur MD

Our practice specializes in general and interventional cardiology. Shashi S. Bellur MD, Jose F. Chavez MD, and our team of staff at The Heart and Vascular Specialists are proud to offer patients a superior level of care and satisfaction.