Named as a Top 10 Doctor by, the leading physician information and ratings resource

Source: Vitals

Distinguished Master and Fellow of American Academy of Cardiology

Source: AAC

Recognized as a Leading Physician of the World & Top Cardiologist in Conroe by International Association of Cardiologists

Source: IAC

Recipient of the Patient’s Choice Award in 2011, 2012 & 2013

Source: Vitals

Awarded the prestigious Joseph Ewing MD Award 2006 - 2007

Source: CFMRP

Patients say really great things about our practice. But we know you may not have time to find all of the most important review sites - so we've combined them all for you!

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The mission at Healthgrades is to help consumers find the right doctor and the right hospital, for the right care. Nearly one million people a day rely upon Healthgrades to research, compare and connect with physicians and other healthcare professionals. To help in the decision making process, Healthgrades provides consumers with information about the provider’s experience, patient satisfaction and hospital quality.

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Vitals is an online resource to help patients to find doctors and medical facilities. Through these services, they strive to help consumers “have a better doctor visit.” Vitals collects massive amounts of information on physicians, and allows patients to place reviews on their physician of choice.

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RateMDs claims to be the original Doctor Ratings site. RateMDs says that their service is “the source for all things health including up-to-date doctor ratings and reviews, the latest health trends coverage and medical specialties information.”

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After their visit, patients with a Google+ account can use Google to let others know about their experience with Dr.Bellur and his staff.

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Zocdoc also uses their website to publish verified reviews by real patients. These patient experiences can serve as yet another resource in assisting you with selecting a high-quality physician.